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JFK Airport Car Rentals and 12 15 PASSENGER VANS in New York Airports

Whether you are a local resident who needs a car or a group who needs a 12-15 passenger van rental cheap car rental to take you around town, or if you are a traveler looking for adventure in the big city with an exotic vehicle, Image Rent A Car has the rental that fits your purpose and budget. One of our company main goals is to ensure that every person renting from Image Rent A Car is treated with respect; we want every customer to feel as though their patronage really matters. The culture at Image Rent A Car is all about loyalty and dedication. We work with you to ensure that you receive the best value in terms of rates, vehicles and customer service!
JFK Airport Car Rentals and 12 15 PASSENGER VANS in New York Airports

Car Rentals JFK New York Airport Passenger Van

Serving NY, NJ, CT, PA, JFK, LGA, Newark and the Hamptons

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Exotic Car Rentals and JFK Airport,  Economy Cars & Passenger Vans Call 718-995-3723

15 Passenger Van Rental in New YorkNew York's largest international airport is ready and waiting to become your Big Apple vacation destination, so grab a friend and get ready to fly in style at John F. Kennedy International Airport! JFK International is by far the largest of the three Port Authority owned airport properties, servicing tens of thousands of visitors from virtually all corners of the globe! Originally named the Idlewild Airport due to its partial location atop the former Idlewild Golf Course, JFK Airport has quickly grown to become one of the nation's leading hubs of air traffic and travel. A popular gateway destination for domestic and international flights alike, John F. Kennedy International Airport is currently services every major name in airlines, providing base offices for Pan Am, TWA, Eastern Air Lines and JetBlue Airways. An irreplaceable part of the NYC skyline, John F. Kennedy Airport is also a major focus for influential US airlines like American and Delta. An airport unlike any other, JFK International is definitely worth a visit during your upcoming Image Luxury Car Rental vacation, so go ahead and schedule your arrival flight today! Nothing says New York like the runways of Kennedy so go ahead and plan your luxury car rental arrival now!

For a Pickup at the Airport Terminal Please Call 718-995-3723

Discount Car RentalsInteresting Facts about John F. Kennedy Airport

John F. Kennedy International Airport is currently known by three names – Idlewild, the New York International Airport and JFK The legendary music group the Beatles were welcomed onto American soil at JFK airport in 1964, signifying a new era of American rock ‘n roll. John F. Kennedy International Airport made air travel history in 1975 when it became the first American airport to provide civilian supersonic travel between France and the United States. The Concorde SST, which was operated by British Airways and Air France, provided scheduled trans-Atlantic flights for over 25 years until the Concorde was retired in 2003. JFK went down in history as hosting the most annual supersonic flights in the world.

Terminal Information

John F. Kennedy International Airport currently features nine separate terminal areas designed to help luxury car rental travelers arrive on time, all the time. Cleverly coordinated with 4 separate runways, these nine terminals all feature state-of-the-art technology intended for stately travel and cosmopolitan comfort. International Exotic Car Rental in New Yorkluxury car rental travelers preparing to visit JFK Airport will likely arrive at Terminal 1 which was financed by a consortium between four major international airlines (Air France, Lufthansa, Japan airlines and Korean Air). Complete in 1998, Terminal 1 replaced the original Eastern Airlines 1958 terminal providing luxury car rental guests with eleven brand new arrival and departure gates. Terminal 2 is currently utilized by Deltas' low fair subsidiary Song. Terminal 2 originally began as the home of Northwest Airlines in 1962. Terminal 3 was originally referred to as Pan Am Terminal and later Pan Am Worldport thanks to its famous flying saucer rooftop. Delta Airlines purchased the terminal lease from Pan Am in 1991, completely refurbishing the facility for modern day luxury car rental travelers. Terminal 4 is JFK's only 24 hour terminal. Terminal 5 is temporarily closed at JFK thanks to further expansion efforts by the airports newest head resident JetBlue. Terminal 5 is expected to reopen in 2008, providing luxury car rental passengers with 26 state-of-the art gates. JetBlue's main operations hub is currently located in Terminal 6, which was originally built for National Airlines in 1969. Terminal 7 was originally known as the British Airways Terminal in 1970, while Terminal 8 was completed in 1960. Terminal 9 is currently home to American Airline flights as well as American Eagle services. Future Image Luxury Car Rental travelers may wish to note that JFK will temporarily shut down all services within Terminals 8 and 9 during 2006 and 2007 as the airport plans to combine the two facilities into one “mega-terminal” intended to accommodate both domestic and international American Airline Flights.

If you would like to learn more about John F. Kennedy Airport please feel free to visit JFK's official webpage at Image Luxury Car Rental customers can also contact the airport by calling 1-718-244-4444.

For Our JFK Kennedy International Airport Location Call 718-995-3723

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Located in the Doubletree Hotel JFK Airport

John F Kennedy Airport Car Rentals

Discount Car Rentals
Image Rent A Car has been proudly serving JFK Kennedy Airport New York NY, Brooklyn,  New York City and Long Island with affordable economy cars since 1976. Our economy fleet is the backbone of our business. That is why we are continually expanding the fleet in order to guarantee that all of our Newark Airport travelers and New York City community members have an affordable rental option with Image Rent A Car.

The economy fleet features dependable automobiles that are safe and inexpensive to operate, even in the face of rising gas prices. All vehicles are of the current model year and are serviced regularly to ensure that they are kept in perfect working order. We purchase our vehicles only from reliable automakers, including Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and Nissan, and have them equipped with CD players and air conditioning for your enjoyment and comfort.

We have a terrific selection of economy cars so GET A RATE QUOTE and let Image Rent A Car provide you with a quality and affordable rental today!

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exotic car rentals
Exotics, they're about making heads turn. There is no feeling like cruising down Madison Avenue, and getting the attention of every person you pass by while driving one of the hottest cars available to automotive consumers. Renting an exotic gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you're the envy of everyone on the road, making your time in New York and New York City as exciting and memorable as it can be.

Image Rent A Car can help you achieve automotive bliss with our excellent selection of exotic rental cars. Our fleet includes such exclusive vehicles as the Porsche Carrera Convertible  & Chevrolet Corvette. And if you're feeling the need to really spoil yourself, come in and reserve a  Cadillac Escalade 2007,  HUMMERBMW 650 Convertible &  Mini Cooper Rentals & more. All of these cars will make you feel like royalty as you experience the absolute best that New York City has to offer.

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On your arrival call 718-995-3723 to arrange shuttle pickup before proceeding to baggage claim. JFK Airport Car Rentals
After picking up your luggage please exit the building following signs to the AirTrain. JFK Airport Car Rentals
Continue on to the AirTrain building. You will see the train running overhead. JFK Airport Car Rentals
Enter the AirTrain building. JFK Airport Car Rentals Car Hire
Follow signs taking you up to AirTrain platform. JFK Airport Car Rentals
There are two trains which run in opposite directions to Federal Circle Station C. JFK Airport Car Rentals
Please decide which train is the shortest route to take to Federal Circle Station C for pick up.. JFK Airport Car Rentals
After exiting the train follow signs to the off airport and hotel shuttle pick up point.


If the Shuttle is not there to pick you up Please call our Rental Desk at 718-995-3723

JFK Airport Car Rentals
Please wait under the Free Shuttle pick up sign for the Doubletree Hotel JFK Airport  Shuttle. JFK Airport Car Rentals
Our Rental Desk is located in the Hotel lobby.  
You will then complete your paper work, walk directly to your car, and be on your way. JFK Airport Car Rentals

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JFK Kennedy Airport Van Rentals

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